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Sharknado 4

It’s been a year since the SyFy Channel last forced me to stare into the dead soulless eyes of Tara Reid for 2 hours (relive the magic here!), but as Robert Frost so eloquently told us, “Nothing gold can stay”.

The People Vs. OJ Simpson – Episode 2

Part 2: The Juice is Loose (Not easy – like, not a slut.  Just a murderer) Robert Kardashian is praying for OJ in his bathroom, and I just cannot with this entire character arc.  It’s like the white streak in

The People Vs. OJ Simpson – Episode 1

It’s the trial of the century – AGAIN! When I first heard that FX was re-dramatizing the OJ Simpson trial for a miniseries, I was like, “Why are you telling me?  I’m a network Exec for TBS.”  But I must

The Mistle-Tones

There’s rum in my apple cider, a chill in the air, and an awful made-for-TV movie paused in the background.  It must be the holiday season, you guys!  Time to review some dreck starring some randos! Today’s selection comes courtesy

Sharknado 3

Have any of you been reading my reviews for a minute?  If so, please go back to my Sharknado 2 review, and look at my last picture.  Just keep that in mind, because…… SHARKNADO 3!!!! Sharknado 1 came out, and

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