Year: 2012

The Merry In-Laws

Wow, the holiday season sure is getting away from me fast.  I had planned on doing a lot more turrible Christmas movie reviews, but you know how December can be.  *glug glug*  *dials number*  *cries about having changed and deserving

“It’s Christmas, Carol!”

Christmastime sure seems to last forever, huh?  Here we go! The next movie on the list is a Hallmark channel special called “It’s Christmas, Carol!”.  Do you get it?  I want to make sure you get it.  OK!  In the

Matchmaker Santa

Our leaden death march through the Christmas season continues, my fellow captives!  The next movie on the docket: “Matchmaker Santa”, starring none other than Miss Gretchen Weiners herself! S’go!! This Hallmark Channel Original abortion opens on a Christmas evening in

The Christmas Consultant

And now my friends, it is December – and that means my movie reviews for the next 3 weeks will be ALL CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME!!!  Thanks to Lifetime, Hallmark, Lifetime Movie Network and ABC Family – there will be

Liz & Dick

Ugh.  OK, here we go.  “Liz & Dick”!!! When everyone on the planet heard that Lindsay Lohan was going to be playing Elizabeth Taylor, we all laughed.  And then we got sad, mad, nauseated, laughed some more, and promptly forgot