Year: 2018

Look Who’s Talking Now!

Oh shit, y’all!  I’m changing the game!  It’s a big-budget Christmas movie, instead of a made-for-TV Hallmark abortion that was shot in the director’s Mom’s house in Vancouver!!  And it’s only baaaaaarely a Christmas movie.  So why am I doing

Merry Kissmas

Today’s Christmas movie recommendation comes courtesy of my buddy Jeremy – so, he’s the one you should direct your angry faxes to.  Onward!  It is time to enjoy: Here are our heroine and villain, Kayla and Carlton.  You know he’s

The Spirit of Christmas

What’s this – colored blinking lights, mistletoe and festive reindeer surround me, in a dizzying cacophony of cheer??  While, yes, I *have* crashed into the garden section of Home Depot again – it’s also the Holiday Season, suckas!!!  Time to

Harry & Meghan – A Royal Romance

One thousand years ago (y. 2011) the Prince of England married a beautiful young woman, and I didn’t write a review about the hastily slopped-together Lifetime movie that was created to profit on it.  I have rued that day ever