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Time to start blogging again!!  Finally, said no one.

So I’m writing this entry the day after Hurricane Sandy bitch-slapped the East Coast, and NYC in particular.  I’m obviously one of the lucky residents who still has power, and thankfully didn’t lose it at all during the height of the storm.  This afforded me the ability to continue to post pithy observations about wind on Twitter while watching “Pumpkinhead” and creating weird booze cocktails out of all the alcohol I had in my apartment.  Because unlike the intelligent drunks in the city, I did not plan ahead for this hurricane and go shopping for the essentials (beer, wine, mixers).  So I spent a harrowing night drinking weird Bailey’s concoctions that I’m too embarrassed to recount here.  I know, it’s a miracle I survived.**

But now the sun has come out, and the winds aren’t making me cringe and I can put away all these weird candles I pulled out just in case.  Look at this one – I don’t even remember where I got this one, but I guess I robbed an elf or something:

Had I Been A Little Drunker, I Might Have Tried To Eat It

Anyway – the blog is back, and I will try and keep it updated as often as possible, and I will ALSO try and keep it funny.  No promises, though.  Sometimes I just need a forum for my poetry, you know?  (My poetry is super depressing)

**  Some people had actual significant damage, and I am NOT making light of that.  If anything, I am driving home the fact that even with no damage and no power loss, I was still curled up on my couch whimpering and hoping the Avengers would come and save me.  Which they DIDN’T.  Jerks.  **

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