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Look Who’s Talking Now!

Oh shit, y’all!  I’m changing the game!  It’s a big-budget Christmas movie, instead of a made-for-TV Hallmark abortion that was shot in the director’s Mom’s house in Vancouver!!  And it’s only baaaaaarely a Christmas movie.  So why am I doing

Merry Kissmas

Today’s Christmas movie recommendation comes courtesy of my buddy Jeremy – so, he’s the one you should direct your angry faxes to.  Onward!  It is time to enjoy: Here are our heroine and villain, Kayla and Carlton.  You know he’s

The Spirit of Christmas

What’s this – colored blinking lights, mistletoe and festive reindeer surround me, in a dizzying cacophony of cheer??  While, yes, I *have* crashed into the garden section of Home Depot again – it’s also the Holiday Season, suckas!!!  Time to

Harry & Meghan – A Royal Romance

One thousand years ago (y. 2011) the Prince of England married a beautiful young woman, and I didn’t write a review about the hastily slopped-together Lifetime movie that was created to profit on it.  I have rued that day ever

The Christmas Train

Choo choo!  Here comes another holiday movie review!!  That “choo choo” at the beginning of the article wasn’t fer nothin’, it was to prepare you for this mess: What’s this?  Not a harried business-lady, but a reporter-man?!?  Dermot Mulroney (of