Month: December 2012

The Merry In-Laws

Wow, the holiday season sure is getting away from me fast.  I had planned on doing a lot more turrible Christmas movie reviews, but you know how December can be.  *glug glug*  *dials number*  *cries about having changed and deserving

“It’s Christmas, Carol!”

Christmastime sure seems to last forever, huh?  Here we go! The next movie on the list is a Hallmark channel special called “It’s Christmas, Carol!”.  Do you get it?  I want to make sure you get it.  OK!  In the

Matchmaker Santa

Our leaden death march through the Christmas season continues, my fellow captives!  The next movie on the docket: “Matchmaker Santa”, starring none other than Miss Gretchen Weiners herself! S’go!! This Hallmark Channel Original abortion opens on a Christmas evening in

The Christmas Consultant

And now my friends, it is December – and that means my movie reviews for the next 3 weeks will be ALL CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME!!!  Thanks to Lifetime, Hallmark, Lifetime Movie Network and ABC Family – there will be