Year: 2015

The Mistle-Tones

There’s rum in my apple cider, a chill in the air, and an awful made-for-TV movie paused in the background.  It must be the holiday season, you guys!  Time to review some dreck starring some randos! Today’s selection comes courtesy

Sharknado 3

Have any of you been reading my reviews for a minute?  If so, please go back to my Sharknado 2 review, and look at my last picture.  Just keep that in mind, because…… SHARKNADO 3!!!! Sharknado 1 came out, and

Troop Beverly Hills

This post is dedicated to my friend Emma Conner, who has been telling me I’m a lunatic for never having seen this movie before.  And to Alan Moore for lending it to me.  Alan – two movie review shout-outs in

Switchblade Sisters

This movie comes recommended from my hilarious friend Alan, and was described as “lurid” and a “cult classic” when I looked it up, so HERE WE GO: The movie begins by introducing us to Lace, the leader of the Dagger